Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1 | Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Premiere


That’s the question that sits at the forefront of my mind after watching the first two episodes of the upcoming fifth season of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”, which returns September 11th. If you have listened to the “Talking TV With Ryan And Ryan” podcast, you know both Mo Ryan and myself have been invested in the show for quite some time, even if the show has rarely re-ascended to the heights of its second season. We’ve dedicated weekly podcast segments to the show over the course of the fourth season, a season that seemed like a make-or-break one in terms of the stakes of the show. And just when it seemed like “Sons” was going to blow everything up, it stopped short, holstering its narrative trigger finger. That was strange for a show that lets the bullets fly fast and often.

soa_501_0020.jpgI’ve come across plenty of complaints from readers of various reviews that implore me to review the show as it is, not as it would be. And while that’s a fair request, it’s often a blanket demand for, “Stop shitting on a show I love.” That’s ALSO an understandable request, but one with which I simply can’t comply. Such complaints are usually the sole province of weekly reviews, which tend to attract readers that are fans of that particular show. I bring all this up because there’s a ceiling that Kurt Sutter has placed upon the show by not killing Clay Morrow at the end of the fourth season. That ceiling doesn’t exist for all viewers of the show, but it certainly exists for me. So while there are still plenty of things to enjoy about the fifth season of the show, the once limitless potential of this show now feels dragged down by an overly complex storyline and a simultaneous refusal to either cut losses or eliminate characters. Those that thought the end of Season 4 was a strong coda to the season will disagree with everything that follows, and that’s fine. But what follows isn’t wishful thinking so much as grappling with a new world order that seems to have robbed the show of its urgency.